Many people have asked at different times for a recipe for an age that behaves like the overworld.

The basic recipe for this, broken into phrases, // for relatively recent mystcraft // is:

Water block, Stone block, Standard World \\ Normal Lighting, Normal Weather, \\ Natural cloud color, \\ Natural fog color, \\ Natural foliage color, \\ Natural grass color, \\ Natural sky color, \\ Natural water color, \\ Blue color, Black color, Black color, Night sky color, \\ Yellow Color, Red Color, Full Length, Gradient, Sunset Color, \\ Native Biome Controller, \\ Full Length, Rising Phase, East Direction, Normal Sun, \\ White Color, Full Length, Gradient, East Direction, Normal Stars, \\ Full Length, Setting, East, Normal Moon, \\ Caves, Ravines, \\ Mineshafts, Strongholds, Villages, Dungeons, Water Block, Surface Lakes, Lava Block, Deep Lakes, \\ Clear Modifiers\\

 * Important: This is not a perfect clone. The caves, lakes, etc, will not match up with the originals. As of 0.11.0 versus 1.7.10, landscape is generally close but not exact. Biomes will match, rivers may be very slightly different, and minor ground height differences will be seen in most biomes (slightly different noise in the terrain gen). This is "an age that behaves like the overworld", not an exact clone.
 * 0.11.0 does not generate mesa biomes (the colored clay hills and red sand beaches) properly; Bryce spikes are non-existent, the sand is yellow, and most of the clay is missing.
 * 0.12.0 (actually, somewhere around 0.11.5) does generate mesa colored clay and bryce spikes properly.
 * 0.12.0 changes the concept of terrain alterations and populators into sized effects (large, medium, small). Caves will satisfy the requirement for large effects, and there are plenty of medium and smalls in there.

This specifies just about everything. The final "Clear Modifiers" is unecessary if you use this exactly, but may help in case you try any adjustments (such as colors) that wind up bleeding.

Exact color matches are not currently known; in most cases, colors vary by biome. The "Natural" colors listed above are very recent, and match the normal biome-dependant colors. For sunset and night-sky colors, the above values represent a decent approximation.

The "sunset color" phrase can come just before the "normal sun" phrase, or else as the last phase of the book AFTER the final "clear modifiers". \\ The difference between the two positions is that one affects only a single sun, and the other affects all suns that lack a sun-specific setting.

    • Historical note:** \\

In Mystcraft, there //may// be random additions. These cannot be controlled. They can be minimized. You may want to add "Glass, spheres" or "glass, tendrils" to minimize the effect (however, either of those will be noticeable.) Note that "caves, ravines" listed above are likely, but not guaranteed, to satisfy this. For and later, there should not be any random additions.