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Mystcraft is a mod for Minecraft, inspired by the computer games and books of the Myst series, In these works, special books could be written to reach new worlds called Ages, chosen according to the mystical contents of the books. Some such worlds are beautiful and safe, but others can be unstable -- from annoying status effects to world-destroying decay.

In Minecraft terms, each Age is a separate dimension, whose contents can range from an endless void, to infinite worlds similar (or not so similar) to the Overworld. Players can produce special books which link to new worlds called Ages, with varying amounts of control over the Age contents. (In the Myst lore, it's ambiguous whether the worlds are created, or "found" in an infinite multiverse. Minecraft mechanics, of course, require the former.) More info here.

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Choose your Mystcraft version and a matching Forge version according to what version of Minecraft you are playing.

The current version is Mystcraft 0.12.1, for Minecraft 1.7.10. Forge version 1340 or higher is needed to avoid problems with high-numbered dimensions, but Mystcraft can function on older versions if necessary. Recent versions (notably the 0.11 versions) have had many alterations to the instability and other balance mechanics.

Older versions of Minecraft can run older versions of Mystcraft, as follows:

Minecraft Mystcraft Forge Notes
1.7.10 0.12.1 at least 1340 Ongoing development
1.7.10 0.11.11 at least 1340 Instability development
1.7.2 1085-1112
1.6.4 965

Some recent changes to Mystcraft mechanics.

Other Technical information:


While Minecraft does not allow for the level of control described in the original Myst material, players can create Ages for adventure, settlement, or material gain. It is a player's own responsibility to make sure they have a way home, and if they want to avoid harsh or bizarre conditions, they will need to both learn how to write ages correctly, and collect the symbols needed to do so.