This page will link various projects that don't have a proper location yet.

Template Work

This section is for pages used to experiment with templates.

Currently we're using Template:Grid/Crafting, by way of Draco18s via his "Reasonable Realism" mod. It takes its images from the main namespace (with a "Grid " prefix), which I'm not wild about, but then, there's only a few vanilla-style recipes. The doc appears to claim it can swipe images from the vanilla MC Wiki, but we'll see.

We probably should have something for symbols, the question is how much info it should enclose.

Old-Wiki Pages

Here go imports from the old wiki, before vivisection and reorganization.

Topic Candidates

Here go edited pages that will represent initial candidates for topic pages. Eventually the pages will be moved to appropriate locations for the current version, with some forking for older versions.

Initial Plans:

  • Main page (Roundup of links to forums, XCW's blog, IRC, github Curseforge downloads, MCF threads, and of course key topics on the wiki
  • Pitch page -- basically, combining the two intro pages on what Mystcraft offers someone who's looking for a new mod.
  • Newbies intro, the "start here" introduction for those who have the mod already.
  • External topics: Installation, Configuration, Compatibility, Plugins, Changelogs, and Other Useful Mods.
  • Internal topics: Crafting, Writing, Linking, Instability, Symbol list, Advice to Explorers.
  • Symbol-type pages: One for each symbol class, including both old Populators and TerrainMods, and the new size-distinguished "PopMods".
  • Items & Blocks pages: each new block and item gets a page.